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Meet the Principal


Hartland South is our intermediate school for grades 3, 4, and 5. Students focus on the application of skills and knowledge using classroom assessments, the common core, and standardized benchmarks. It is critical that students begin to know themselves as learners and can inquire about resources to support themselves. We also believe that the climate of our building is based on a growth model, where adults and students are continually learning.


Hartland South has been recognized Nationally for four consecutive years as an Apple Exemplary School. Students use technology tools as resources to learn and demonstrate learning. The school has rich opportunities for all children and is passionate about meeting the needs of each student. At Hartland South, you’ll find a special caring group of parents and teachers committed to all children. Hartland South offers a contemporary school with a wide variety of opportunities and services. The staff is a positive professional team that collaboratively works to meet the needs of all students and strives for continual positive growth driven by student assessment and research.


With all of these components, Hartland South and the other Hartland-Lakeside Schools are on track to be regarded as one of the best educational environments in Southeastern Wisconsin. I believe that staying focused on continual improvement and placing children at the center of our decision-making process will develop a long-lasting vision for the future.


Dave Risch, Principal